Our Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery offers traditional ground burials, lawn crypts, three mausoleums (two from the early 1900s), cremation burial, a pet cemetery, and private mausoleums.

a wooden statue in a park

A Brief History

Cedar Hill Cemetery, formerly known as Nonesuch Plantation, was founded in 1901 under its original name, Forest Lake Cemetery.

Cedar Hill was not implemented until 1913. Mr. W. H. Harrison was the first president of the cemetery. An interesting fact about the cemetery is that it is the location where the early churches performed their baptisms. The oldest known tombstone reads, "Philenia W. Patte, Nov. 19, 1871, 58 years." There is also a mass grave for the victims of the Terra Cotta Railroad wreck that occurred near Washington, DC. It was reported in the Star newspaper on Dec, 31, 1906 that there were more than 50 victims and 45 bodies identified.

Over the years, several movies, as well as a documentary, were filmed here. Our chapel has hosted many weddings, and our pond has been the backdrop for numerous pictures for special occasions. To date, Cedar Hill has had more than 65,000 burials.

We continue to prosper with the opening of the Cedar Hill Funeral Home and, most recently, the Faithful Companions pet section. We are constantly striving to provide the highest level of professional service that our families deserve.